The seeds of the idea behind "Oru Kavithai Sollava" were planted years back,while gifting my friends a personally written poem on their birthdays. Seeing them treasure the gift by proudly presenting the poems on their walls made me want to take it one step further. "Oru Kavithai Sollava" was born out of the wish to continue this expression of love and affection through many others. My love for Tamil poetry began in my 9th grade, and it is still flowing! The joy shown by friends, relatives, and even celebrities when they read a poem written especially just for them gives me all the support and motivation I need to keep writing. Whether you read, write, recite, or listen to it, Tamil poetry always gives you a heartfelt pleasure. When you gift a personal poem to your loved ones, both of you are sure to receive an innate joy out of it.

I consider it my privilege to be given the task of poetically conveying what your heart wants to say!

Personalized Tamil Poems

Personalized Tamil poems to gift your friends, colleagues, spouse, parents, relatives, or kids for any occasion.

  • A beautifully written personalized poem which depicts what you exactly feel about the person.
  • The gift will exhibit your love for the person.
  • The receiver of the gift will cherish it lifelong.

Tamil Lyrics

Lyrics for your movie, album, single, cover, Advertisement, and so on.

  • Lines that will stay on people’s lips.
  • Words that will win people's hearts.
  • Lyrics that depict and bring scenarios to life.

Tamil Content Writing

Articles, essays, snippets, and similar content on any topic written in Tamil.

  • Write-ups created to the point.
  • Citations for awards.
  • Any other Tamil content needs you may have. Reach out to discuss your requirements.

Stage Shows

Live stand-up poems for your events to entertain audience


Rotaract Young Achiever Award by District Rotaract Council 3230 in 2013

Literary Talent Award from Rajalakshmi Engineering College.

Ramanujam Award for Creativity from the IET

பாரதி கவிச்செல்வர் விருது from இலக்கியச்சோலை.

கவி முகில் விருது from குறிஞ்சி கபிலர் சங்கம்

Hosted Tamil poem program titled கவிதைச் சரம் in All India Radio.

Karthikeyan Swaminathan (Tom Karthi) - Tamil Poet, Author and Engineer turned HR Professional who is on a mission to make poem as a means to make souls happy. My First Poetry book “கண்ட நாள் முதலாய்” ( Kanda Naal Muthalaai) published during my college final year through sponsorship of Rajalakshmi Engineering college and released by Dr.Padmashri Nalli Kuppusam Chetti. The book has sold around 2500+ copies and also have got place in state and national libraries of India. Review of the book came in renowned newspapers like The Hindu, Dhina Thanthi, Times of India, Indian Express, Dhina Malar and Mangai. Have been writing lyrics for Songs in Movies, Private label albums, Advertisements and for NGOs.